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October 9 - The Floor is Lava Camp @ VKC + Ruby's Tumbling!






About the Course

Village Kids Club Day Camp: "The Floor is Lava" Adventure! 🌋Immerse your child in a day of exploration and excitement at the Village Kids Club Day Camp. Our theme, "The Floor is Lava", sets the stage for a thrilling adventure!


Morning Discoveries:

Dive deep into the world of earth science, unraveling the mysteries of our planet.Witness the marvel of a volcano, with a hands-on science project that culminates in a miniature volcanic eruption!

Midday Activities:

Refuel with a delightful lunch at Littlejohn Park.Engage in free play and let the kids connect with nature and their peers.

Afternoon Challenges at Ruby's Tumbling:

It's time for "The Floor is Lava" fun! Can you stay off the ground?Collaborate to design a captivating obstacle course.Enhance strength and flexibility through activities that encourage climbing, bouncing, balancing, and more.Join us for a day where science meets fun, and curiosity meets adventure. Book a spot and let your child embark on a journey that's both educational and exhilarating!

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