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Weekend Adventure Club Class - Saturday Evening




6 - 9 PM




Per Session

About the Course

Saturday evenings we have our Adventure Club class, every week has a different theme, see below for an example of how your child's evening unfolds:

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary aquatic journey at our "Splash into the Depths! Under the Sea Adventure"! From oceanic sensory exploration to creative creature design and immersive marine biology discovery, your child will dive deep into the wonders of the underwater realm, igniting their curiosity and love for the ocean.

Ocean Exploration Sensory Bin: Dive into a mesmerizing sensory experience as your child explores our ocean-themed sensory bin. Filled with seashells, sand, and a variety of ocean-themed objects, their senses will come alive as they feel the textures, discover hidden treasures, and engage in imaginative play. From underwater adventures to creating their own narratives, this sensory experience will transport them to the depths of the sea.

Create Your Sea Creature: Unleash your child's creativity as they design and decorate their very own sea creature. With a variety of colorful art supplies at their fingertips, they'll bring their imaginative ocean dwellers to life. From vibrant fish to mystical mermaids, their creations will reflect the beauty and diversity of the underwater world. This hands-on activity encourages self-expression, artistic exploration, and nurtures their imagination.

They will have plenty of time to play with friends new and old, and we'll provide a nutritious snack! We may even watch a short age appropriate film about the sea.

Join us for "Splash into the Depths! Under the Sea Adventure" and watch your child's love for the ocean come alive. From sensory exploration to creative expression and educational discovery, this immersive experience will awaken their sense of wonder, nurture their creativity, and foster a deep appreciation for the treasures that lie beneath the waves. Dive in and embark on an unforgettable journey into the enchanting depths of the sea!

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