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Weekend Adventure Club Class - Saturday Morning




9 am - 12 pm




Per Session

About the Course

We invite your children to join us for our Adventure Club, a three-hour weekend class specifically designed for children aged 4-8. Our engaging and dynamic program is themed differently every week, from superheroes and knights, to scientists and astronauts, each one aimed at educating, inspiring, and fostering creativity among young minds.

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Please let us know if you need a hand-off to Ruby's Tumbling 11:45 Cartwheel class!

Start with Energizing Activities

Each session begins with stimulating activities that align with the theme of the day. This could be anything from a superhero stretch to a spacewalk simulation. These fun-filled, age-appropriate exercises not only encourage physical development but also teach the children the importance of staying active and healthy.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Every great adventure requires teamwork. Through interactive games and tasks, your children will learn the valuable lessons of cooperation and communication. These activities not only promote social skills but also develop their understanding of shared success and camaraderie.

Ignite Creativity with Crafts

Creativity takes center stage during our craft sessions. Depending on the theme, children may find themselves constructing medieval castles, designing superhero capes, or crafting miniature rockets. These hands-on activities are designed to stimulate imaginations, develop fine motor skills, and promote problem-solving abilities.

Fuel Up with Nutritious Snacks

No adventure is complete without a pit-stop. Our club provides a nutritious and child-friendly snack like carrot sticks, fruits, and sometimes an ice cream treat. Let us know about food allergies in advance, we are a nut-free facility.

New Themes, New Adventures Every Week

The magic of our Adventure Club class lies in the weekly changing themes. This ensures that your children are always intrigued, learning new things, and making new memories. One week, they might be navigating through enchanted forests, and the next they could be discovering the mysteries of the universe.

Join us at the Village Kids’ Club, where every week brings new opportunities for fun, learning, and friendship. Embark on this journey with us and watch your child's potential unfold!


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