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Xiaolong Mandarin Afterschool Class - Full - Waitlist Only


Monday and Friday


2:30 - 5 pm


$300 / Month 2 Days a Week, $200 / Month 1 Day a Week


AUSD School Year

About the Course

Dive into a world where language, culture, and holistic child development intertwine. Introducing our Xiaolong (Little Dragon) Mandarin Program, designed for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

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We believe that learning a language is more than just mastering words and sentences—it's about nurturing the entirety of the child's cognitive, emotional, and social faculties. Guided by our experienced Mandarin instructor, who is passionate about cultivating every facet of a child's potential, our program promises an immersive learning journey.

Holistic Approach to Language Learning:

Communication Mastery: Through consistent use of the Chinese language in varied settings, children not only develop their linguistic skills but also naturally enhance their ability to express and understand nuanced communications.

Formal and Fun Learning: We merge formal lessons with interactive experiences. Each day, our young learners delve into short, engaging Mandarin lessons, ensuring that their curiosity remains piqued and their retention is strengthened.

Project-Based Learning: By integrating projects into our curriculum, students experience the practical application of Mandarin, enriching their grasp of the language while fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

Beyond Language:

Academic Support: We understand the diverse challenges of schoolwork. Our program offers dedicated time for students to receive assistance with their school homework, ensuring they remain academically competitive and confident.

Physical Activity: A healthy mind thrives in a healthy body. Daily physical activities are incorporated to ensure that students stay active, energized, and ready to absorb new knowledge.

Play and Socialization: Children learn best when they're having fun. Ample time is allocated for students to play, socialize, and simply be kids, promoting emotional well-being and social skills in a supportive environment.


Our teacher will pick up children from Franklin Elementary School in Alameda, and supervise them on a short walk to The Village Kids' Club. If your child does not attend Franklin School, please arrange to provide transportation. In case of inclement weather, parents are expected to coordinate and provide transportation.

We provide a nutritious snack.

The afterschool program operated on AUS in-service days only.

Let your child embark on a transformative journey with the Xiaolong Mandarin Program—where we don't just teach a language, we shape future global citizens. Join us and watch your little dragon soar to new heights!

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