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Azana Best

Azana Best


Azana’s expertise in biology and her ability to communicate complex concepts will enhance The Village Kids' Club's science programs. Her hands-on approach and passion for education will inspire young scientists and artists alike, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

Azana is a dedicated educator and researcher with a strong background in Cell and Molecular Biology from Baylor University. Graduating in May 2024, Azana pursued a rigorous Pre-Medical track, earning the Dean’s and Choice Scholarships for her academic excellence.

During her time at Baylor, Azana gained extensive research experience in the Kienle Lab, where she specialized in extracting and measuring hormones and conducting stable isotope analysis. As a Biology Lab Learning Assistant, she guided students through complex lab procedures and technologies, teaching the importance of model organisms in research.

Azana also served as a Supplemental Instructor for Cell and Molecular Biology, working closely with students to enhance their understanding through additional instruction, worksheets, and practice exams. Her commitment to student success was evident in her personalized tutoring and extensive office hours.

Her leadership skills were honed through roles as a McNair Scholar, Student Body Vice President, and Junior Class President. These experiences highlight her dedication to both academic excellence and community service.

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