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Jiamin Sun

Jiamin Sun

Senior Teacher

Jiamin Sun is an accomplished educator with a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to fostering the holistic development of students. Joining The Village Kids' Club as our primary Mandarin teacher, Jiamin brings a blend of linguistic expertise, academic qualifications, and hands-on teaching experience.

Skills & Expertise:

Jiamin is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, with proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing.
Currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction at San Francisco State University, Jiamin is also working towards her California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.
She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Child Adolescent Development with a concentration in Elementary Education Teaching Pre-Credential from San Francisco State University, where she maintained an impressive GPA of 3.92.
Additionally, she holds Associate degrees in Language of Arts and Social Science from Laney College.


Jiamin's dedication to education is further evidenced by her array of certifications, including Family Child Care Provider, Teacher, Associate Teacher, and Assistant Teacher.
Volunteer Work:

Demonstrating her commitment to community engagement, Jiamin volunteered at Lao’s Family Community Development, Inc., served as a librarian at the Oakland Children Library, and contributed as a Chinese teacher for kindergarten and preschool classes at Lafayette Church.

With her rich background, Jiamin Sun is poised to be a transformative educator at The Village Kids' Club, bringing a unique blend of cultural understanding, academic rigor, and a genuine passion for teaching.

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