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Kate Burgess

Kate Burgess

Art Activity Leader

Kate, a recent graduate from Alameda High School, is an enthusiastic and dedicated individual. Her commitment to community service is reflected through her many years of involvement in the Girl Scouts. Now, she takes on a leadership role, guiding young children through camp activities and ensuring they have an enriching experience.

Beyond the camp, her experience extends to international community service. In Guatemala, she volunteered at Nuestros Ahijados, preparing and serving meals to children, highlighting her global perspective and commitment to positive impact.

Kate's academic dedication is evident from her impressive GPA of 4.25 at Alameda High School. Her involvement in diverse activities, such as soccer and cross country, underlines her team spirit and determination.

With a blend of leadership, creativity, excellent communication skills, and a strong drive, Kate is a great example to our little villagers.

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