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Maria C.

Maria C.

Program Activity Leader

Maria is a multifaceted professional with a range of experiences in education. Maria is fluent in both Spanish and English and is recognized for her quick learning abilities and exceptional teamwork skills.

Maria has showcased her commitment to student growth at Education For Change Achieve Academy in Oakland. Here, she works as a tutor, assisting students in honing their learning skills, guiding them in math and reading interventions, and ensuring an efficient learning environment. Her role as an After School Program Instructor at EBAC further amplifies her dedication to student success, where she crafts enrichment lesson plans and aids students in academics.

Educationally, Maria is an alumna of ARISE High School in Oakland and is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at California State East Bay University.

With a blend of hands-on experience in various sectors and a strong academic background, Maria stands out as an asset to The Village Kids’ Club.

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