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Ozer Ozturk

Ozer Ozturk

Martial Arts Instructor

With a strong foundation in Aikido and a 1st Dan rank accredited from the prestigious Aikikai Foundation in Japan, Ozer Ozturk brings a wealth of experience to our martial arts program. His journey spans over 5 years of dedicated training, emphasizing hard work, personal discipline, and technique study.

Ozer's commitment to martial arts is matched by his dedication to fostering growth in young learners. He has honed his skills as a Martial Arts/Self Defense Instructor as an Aikido Instructor at United Aikido Endokan Dojo.

Education is paramount for Ozer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Istanbul University and another in International Relations from Gazi University. Currently, he's on his way to earning a Master's in Health Communication from Hacettepe University, expected in 2024.

Skills & Strengths:

Expertise in designing Aikido classes tailored for children.
Strong interpersonal skills, ensuring effective engagement with both children and parents.
Proficient in curating age-appropriate lesson plans for diverse skill levels.
Excellent leadership qualities to inspire and motivate young learners.
Promotes a positive atmosphere, emphasizing confidence, teamwork, and mutual respect.
Adaptable teaching methodologies for diverse learning needs and abilities.
Instructs in proper breathing techniques, stances, and forms.
Proven ability to organize and supervise martial arts events, demonstrations, and testing programs for kids.

Under Ozer's guidance, students are not only taught self-defense techniques but also imbibe values of discipline, respect, and self-confidence. His understanding of the unique needs of the Bay Area community ensures that each lesson is relevant, empowering, and beneficial for our young students.

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