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Piper Thomasson

Piper Thomasson

Teacher & Dance Instructor

Introducing Piper Thomasson, an exceptional and multifaceted instructor, who is set to lead the new Mind Body Expressions Fusion Dance class with a blend of artistic prowess and a passion for inclusivity.

A distinguished alumna of Santa Clara University, class of 2016, Piper's journey has been marked by her unwavering dedication to the world of dance and literature, creating a distinctive combination that enriches her approach to instruction.

At Santa Clara University, Piper Thomasson embarked on an academic journey that culminated in two Bachelor of Arts Degrees: one in Theatre Arts with a Dance Emphasis and another in English with a Technical Writing Concentration. Adding to her accolades, she was also bestowed with the Anna Halprin Award, a testament to her exceptional aptitude in choreography, performance, and the preservation of the art of dance.

Central to Piper's ethos as an instructor is her steadfast dedication to the de-colonization of dance, transcending conventional boundaries to honor a diverse range of dance styles and creators. Her expertise spans a spectrum of technical styles, encompassing ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern dance forms.

Piper Thomasson's extensive repertoire as both a performer and choreographer underlines her deep immersion in the dance world. Her involvement in productions like 'At Your Service,' by Risa Janoslaw showcases her artistic versatility and creativity. She has experience as a director at the Choreographers’ Performance Alliance 'Works in the Works' festival. She is in her 3rd year as a company member with Antoine Hunts' Urban Jazz Dance Company.

Piper's journey is one of artistic exploration and commitment to pushing the boundaries of dance. As she takes on the role of instructor for the Mind Body Expressions Fusion Dance class, her past achievements and ongoing dedication are sure to inspire a new generation of dancers to embrace the richness of movement, celebrate diversity, and discover the profound connections between mind, body, and artistic expression.

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