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Sophie Liang

Sophie Liang


Sophie brings a rich educational background and a diverse set of experiences that make her an ideal fit for our Mandarin program, camps, and enrichment classes.

Sophie is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction, along with a Multiple Subject Credential, from San Francisco State University. Her dedication to education is further highlighted by her impressive academic achievements, including graduating Cum Laude with a dual Bachelor of Arts in English (Concentration in Linguistics) and Chinese (Concentration in Literature and Linguistics). Sophie's academic excellence is evident in her consistent presence on the Dean's List and her notable GPA.

Her skills extend beyond her academic pursuits. Sophie is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, making her a valuable asset to our language programs. Her proficiency in these languages, combined with her excellent oral and written communication skills, ensures she can connect effectively with a diverse group of students and parents.

Sophie's work experience as a Kindergarten Home Tutor in Brentwood, CA, showcases her ability to prepare and teach engaging lesson materials. Her innovative use of songs, stories, art, and structured games demonstrates her creative approach to education, particularly in supporting students with ADHD and mild autism. This experience underscores her expertise in classroom and behavior management, as well as working with children with diverse needs.

As a Student Teacher at George Moscone Elementary School in San Francisco, Sophie delivered small lessons in English and Chinese, focusing on reading, writing, math, social-emotional learning, and art projects. Her role in facilitating reading groups to enhance student literacy skills and administering assessments highlights her commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored educational support.

Sophie's tenure as a Classroom Aide at Highlands Elementary School (Maxim Healthcare Staffing) in Concord, CA, further emphasizes her ability to manage and support students with behavioral and learning challenges. Her involvement in implementing IEP objectives and assisting students in developing independent skills speaks to her comprehensive understanding of individualized education.

Lastly, her role as a Summer Camp Lead Instructor at Galileo Learning in San Ramon, CA, allowed her to exhibit her leadership skills and adaptability. Sophie's experience in preparing and teaching curriculum, facilitating camp activities, and maintaining safe and spirited environments makes her an excellent fit for our camp and enrichment programs.

At The Village Kids' Club, Sophie Liang will play a pivotal role in enriching our Mandarin program and various educational activities. Her diverse skill set, coupled with her passion for teaching and cultural understanding, ensures that she will provide our students with a nurturing and dynamic learning experience. We are thrilled to have Sophie on board and look forward to the positive impact she will have on our community.

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