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Vanessa Sharif

Vanessa Sharif

Music Educator

Vanessa's journey in music education began at the LDS Church in San Diego, where she skillfully prepared songs for children, conducted music lessons on multiple instruments, and crafted comprehensive lesson plans incorporating music theory. Her ability to teach and provide direct childcare highlights her dedication to nurturing young minds.

Her musical prowess further flourished at San Francisco State University, where she was a standout percussionist and vocalist for the Afro-Cuban Ensemble. There, she honed her skills in sight-reading, arranging, and improvising music, translating these talents into captivating live performances.

Vanessa also brought her rhythmic flair to the Pistachio Fever Band in San Francisco as a percussionist and pianist. Her experiences in performing for live audiences, mastering new music, and engaging in diverse artistic expressions, including acting and dancing, add depth to her teaching methodology.

Embracing the digital age, Vanessa has been an active content creator on TikTok since 2018, staying at the forefront of music trends and technology. Her success as a social media manager and creator for Love On Haight in San Francisco showcases her ability to connect with a broader audience, creating viral content and fostering an uplifting community spirit.

Vanessa is not just a talented musician and educator, but also a commendable academic, having been consistently on the Dean's List at San Francisco State University, where she earned her BA in Music Theory. Her multilingual skills in English, Spanish, and Farsi add to her versatility as an educator.

At The Village Kids' Club, Vanessa is set to inspire our young learners with her expertise in music composition, lyricism, and diverse instrumental skills. Her trustworthy, charismatic personality, coupled with her leadership qualities, make her a perfect fit for our community. We are excited for the musical journeys and learning experiences she will share with our students. Welcome aboard, Vanessa!

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