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Frequently asked questions

  • If we decide to do the membership option after a drop-in, can we apply the funds to the month's dues?
    Yes, We kindly request that you commence your membership within one week following the drop-in class. Please reach out to us, and we will promptly furnish you with a discount code to be applied towards your membership.
  • I have the membership, how do I book a class?
    Upon purchasing the membership, you may conveniently add any desired class to your cart. When you check out it "charges" your plan - so no additional payment needed.
  • I have the sibling membership; can I book 2 kids at the same time?
    Sorry - you need to book them one by one. There is a glitch in the booking system - if you book them together in the same transaction - the booking won't go through (although you will see a "thank you" page"). Please book them one by one. If you don't get an email confirmation - the booking didn't go through. I have made tech support aware. The membership starts the day you sign up, and goes until the same day the following month. You can cancel the membership anytime through the members’ portal as well.
  • Does VKC tuition / membership plan to pro-rate when there are weeks without programming in a given month? We've just had several of these, so they are adding up (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years week, upcoming Feb break, etc.).
    We have not had weeks without programming, so we do not pro-rate the membership. During the holiday periods, we modify the schedule – as an example, when there is not school, the demand for after-school enrichment classes goes down. That said, we try to maintain the weekend programming, including the evening programming – we were open December 22, 23, 29, and 30th, 2023, we did close the Friday after Thanksgiving (and were open on Saturday). We offer camp discounts of $50-$75 per week to members.
  • How can members cancel a class that we previously booked?
    Members can cancel classes from the member section of the website up to a few hours prior to the class starting. We ask that members cancel when they cannot attend to open space for others. We haven’t had an issue with no-shows yet - I’ll likely introduce a late cancellation/no-show fee if no-show bookings are bumping other people, but I don’t want to solve a problem we don’t have. Let's just all be nice.
  • Is the $100 registration fee 1X per year or is it $100 registration every month we restart our membership? Thanks.
    We recommend trying our drop-in classes first. If they're a good fit for your family, consider joining us. Members enjoy evening sessions every weekend, music, dance, art, and more. Memberships provide stable revenue for our small business, enabling us to offer a variety of activities. They're on a rolling 30-day basis, so you can join anytime. Please note, a registration fee is required with each new membership, not annually. If you end your membership and rejoin later, the registration fee applies again.
  • Is the member discount $75 off each camp? Since they are siblings you mentioned a sibling discount but not sure how that works for members. I may or may not need extended care, would this be something I can add on as it gets closer?
    The member discount (for The Club Membership) is $50-$75 off each camp week (short weeks get a $50 discount), and we have a sibling discount (10% off the second registration). The tricky part is that you have the sibling membership, so contact us for a code please - we'll make it work to give you the member discount AND the sibling discount. And, yes, you can add extended care later by contacting us.
  • Can I suspend or pause my membership?
    We designed our membership program to provide continuous access to our classes at an affordable rate. Membership revenue is essential for us to maintain the stability of our operations and continue delivering high-quality services to all our members. We want to be transparent about the impact it has on our organization's ability to sustain our programs and services. Each membership plays a crucial role in supporting our ongoing operations, staff, and resources necessary to create memorable experiences for children and families. If your family is facing financial hardship, or there is a medical reason that means your children cannot use the kids' club for an extended period of time, let us know and we can work something out.
  • How do I cancel our membership, and how long will the membership be good for post-cancellation?
    Members can cancel their membership at any time from the members "My Subscriptions" section of the website. See the screen shot below, simply select "Cancel Subscription." Once you cancel, your membership will be valid until the day before the "next payment date" - the memberships run on a rolling monthly basis, so if your joining date is 3 March, and you cancel in March, the membership would be valid through 2 April.
  • We have are on automatic 4 classes per month and we skipped a class last week due to being out of town. I was wondering if the credit we will have left at the end of the month will stay linked to our account or do we lose it?
    The credits expire on a rolling 30 day basis, so if you don't book a class, you would lose the credit. The good news is that you can use your credits to book classes in the future. So, if your monthly package expires on March 6, you can use the credits to book classes in later March and even April.
  • Regarding the "All Enrichment Class 4-Pack," does this include all the classes or is it different?
    The all-enrichment class pack includes all one-hour classes such as ballet, art, piano, guitar, writing. It also includes special one-hour classes such as Lego Robotics when we have them. It does not include evening socials or 1.5 hour language classes.
  • I have the All-Enrichment Class Pack that renews monthly, where can I see how many classes I have left?
    Once your are logged into the website, go to "My Subscriptions". You'll see how many sessions remain on the right side (see yellow circle in image below).
  • What is “inclusive access” pricing?
    Understanding Our Tiered Pricing: Regular and Inclusive Access Options At The Village Kids' Club, we are committed to making our programs accessible to all families in our community. Recognizing that financial circumstances vary, we've introduced a tiered pricing system to accommodate as many people as possible. Here's a breakdown to help you understand our pricing options better: Regular Pricing: This is our standard rate for programs and activities at The Village Kids' Club. Inclusive Access Pricing: We understand that the regular price might not be affordable for everyone. To ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate, we offer a reduced rate under our 'Inclusive Access' pricing. This option is available for families who find the regular rates challenging. The Inclusive Access price is designed to be more financially accommodating, ensuring that our programs are more accessible to those in our community who need this consideration. How to Choose: Our tiered pricing system is based on an honor system. We trust our families to select the pricing option that best aligns with their financial situation. By choosing the rate that's right for you, you help us maintain a diverse and inclusive environment where all children can learn, play, and grow together. Our Goal: The heart of our mission is inclusivity. We believe every child deserves the chance to experience the joy, learning, and growth our programs offer, regardless of their family's financial situation. Our tiered pricing model is one way we strive to uphold this belief. If you have any questions or need further clarification about our pricing options, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to ensure that your experience with The Village Kids' Club is welcoming, accessible, and positive for your family.
  • How do I get Inclusive Access pricing for your enrichment classes?
    1) Register for any of our enrichment classes, add the class to your cart. 2) When you checkout, there is an option to insert a code, please use code "InclusiveAccess" which will apply a $10.00 discount, and make the enrichment classes $15.00 3) Check out as normal We know that it's not the perfect process, and it is what we can do with the system we're using. Let us know if you need help, we'll be happy to walk you through it.
  • Does "Inclusive Access" mean kids can get a reduced rate of $15 for one class per month?
    Inclusive access discount is for people who would not otherwise be able to afford our classes, and it is not limited to one time per month.
  • We have funding through BANANAS for childcare. Would you be able to accept our funding?
    No. We have not yet investigated funding through Bananas or other sources.
  • Can we visit your facility before we enroll in a class?
    We would be glad to provide a quick tour. Let us know when you are available during our operating hours.
  • Do you offer drop-in options so we can test things out?
    Yes, we do still offer drop in options, and plan to continue drop in, as well as create class series so that a cohort of students can progress together.
  • What services does the 10% sibling discount apply to?
    It works for all services, including camps. Use the code "siblings10" for 10% off the second enrollment.
  • What are the earliest and latest booking times available for classes?
    Booking can be done as late as 30 minutes before a class starts (this gives us time to print a roster when needed). I removed the early booking limit, so you can book as early as you'd like. Just know that if you are booking over a month in advance, there may be schedule changes based on teacher availability, demand, etc.
  • If the "book now" button is grayed out, does that mean the class is full? I was trying to book an upcoming class, but the button doesn't work.
    In this case, the class is full.
  • I am trying to cancel a class for my kids today, but the cancel button isn't working. What’s going on?
    The cancellation window closes a few hours before the class starts, which is why you are not able to cancel online.
  • Are classes ever offered before 5:00 M-F?
    During the school year we don't have classes before 5:00 on weekdays, that's because we have an afterschool program running until 5:00 M-F.
  • Do the weekday and weekend enrichment classes still run through the summer or are only camps available?
    The enrichment classes will continue through the Summer. We plan to weave them into the extended care for the camps, so I think we'll have even more classes in the afternoons, likely starting at 4:15 and 5:00. Still to be considered.
  • How frequently does the enrichment class schedule change?
    The enrichment class schedule changes every 2-3 months, depending on instructor availability and attendance.
  • How do you see the kids camp structure in the summer? I know you are offering camps but will the weekend and weeknight be the same?
    During the Summer, in addition to the camps, depending on what the members need, we plan to continue the Friday and Saturday programming. Additionally, during the week we'll continue to have classes after camp - and there will be some changes depending on staff availability, attendance, etc.
  • I was wondering what the ratio of teacher to student is in your summer camp?
    We have about 18 kids per session. Sometimes a little more if it’s more classroom oriented, and as few as 12 if it’s movement oriented. The ratio depends on the subject, in our December 2023 Primal Movement class we had 3 staff for 12 kids - but we usually would have 6-8 kids per staff member. In our ski week 2024 camp we had 3-4 staff for 22 kids.
  • Do you separate kids based on age or is everyone all together?
    We do group by age, depending on the subject we may have older help younger. Most of our campers are 5-8 years old.
  • Do you have a list of all the camps in Alameda?
    Yes, we do, please access that list here. The original format and content was shared generously by Ashley Lorden. We are happy to share this information because there is such a demand for camps, and each one is a little different. We encourage parents to sign up for a few of our camps - with low staff to camper ratios, and smaller check out all the options for the Summer.
  • Is there a sibling discount for camps?
    Yes, we offer a discount of 10% off the second camper. To get this discount, please use code "siblings10" at checkout.
  • I got a confirmation email that says the camp ends at an earlier time than listed on the website. What is correct?
    Our booking system doesn't handle multi-day camps very well, and in many cases the end time that comes in your automated confirmation email is incorrect - we're sorry for the inconvenience. Our core camp hours are 9-4, unless otherwise indicated in the camp description. We also send an email to parents with more information a few days before camp starts, and that will have details on drop-off times, what to bring, what to leave at home, etc.
  • My child is feeling too afraid to attend camp today, and I want to cancel. How should we handle this?
    While we don't issue refunds for camps, we appreciate that kids can feel scared, so we encourage you to bring your child, and perhaps stay for 10-15 minutes. Usually once they see the other kids having fun, they join right in.
  • What are the extended care hours, and what happens during extended care?
    Extended care starts at 8:30 AM, and ends at 5:30. In the morning, we typically would have the early campers color, draw, or build structures with magna tiles. In the afternoon, we include them in an enrichment class - such as storytelling, and allow them some time for free play. As an example, core camp ends at 4:00, at 4:15 we may have a class on history, art, reading, etc., that class ends at 5:00. Then from 5:00 until pickup there is supervised free play.
  • Are your classes and Friday Fun Night/Saturday Social for 5 and up?
    We do have an age limit, we take school aged kids only, which encompasses TK+, so we allow kids in the high 4's to attend our programs, including our evening programs. 3 is too young for our kids club. That said, I believe Busy Bee and Swings & Wings will take younger kids.
  • My daughter attends TK, and we’re interested in some classes for her. On your website it says K-5, so I wanted to confirm TK is also okay before we try and register her.
    Yes, the age is no problem. We have a few younger ones in the class. Try it out - she may like it, the kids have fun. If she doesn’t like it, I’d be happy to provide credit for another class.
  • Do we need a membership of some sort for our son to attend the evening socials? If not, is the price always $60?
    You do not need a membership for your son to attend. We have a membership for those that enjoy unlimited classes and weekend evening programs. The drop-in price is $60, and that has been consistent.
  • What movie is being shown this Friday/Saturday?
    We will post the movies or updates on our Facebook page, check there, and follow us for the latest. We rarely show movies these days, and are much more focused on enriching projects and activities.
  • Do your classes typically book up?
    They book up about 50% of the time, we try to ensure there is capacity - if we see the session is booking up, we'll add an additional staff member and increase capacity. We have not hit our self-imposed maximum of 18 yet. Our piano classes do book up in advance, as they are limited to 4 students.
  • During the evening programs, do we send food for them to have for dinner?
    We provide a kid friendly meal, typically chicken nuggets and tater tots, some fruits, carrot sticks, and an ice cream at the end. We do not allow outside food unless there is a medical reason.
  • What do you serve the kids for dinner?
    Typically we serve simple, kid friendly foods like chicken nuggets, tater tots, bean burritos, apple slices, baby carrots, etc. Later in the evening we serve them ice cream.
  • My child is a picky eater, can they bring their own food?
    We understand picky eaters, please feed them in advance of coming. We do not allow outside food unless it's medically necessary (allergies). The reason for this is that as soon as the other kids see whatever someone else is eating - they want it. As an example, we have students that are allergic to dairy, so we stock some fruit popsicles. We serve the other kids ice cream, and as soon as they see one kid getting a popsicle...they all want a popsicle. So, no outside food please (same goes with toys).
  • I want my child to eat vegetables / control their food portions. How can you help with that?
    We want our kids to eat veggies too, and so we feed them veggies at home. The movie nights are just 3 hours long, and we often will offer healthier choices like apple slices, bananas, and/or carrot sticks - that said, we often tell parents, "if you want them to eat a vegetable, feed them at home." In fact, we encourage parents to feed their children before dropping them off. That way the food we serve becomes more of a heavy snack for them, and we believe that is more nutritionally balanced. We cannot control portions, either. We understand that young kids have varied abilities to self-regulate, and we do not encourage over-eating, we also limit the time kids have to eat...and we cannot control how much each child eats. Our movie fun nights are designed for kids to socialize, relax and have fun together. We leave the veggies and portion control at home.
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