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Program Policies

Important Terms & Policies

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Village Kids' Club, a vibrant community designed for the thriving minds of children. 

At The Village Kids’ Club, we offer an engaging, activity-based program that promotes creativity, physical exercise, and social interaction. We're committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment where your children can play, explore, and learn.

The best way to foster a thriving environment for our kids is through clear, open communication. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 

Please read and understand our policies and terms.

Program Information

Our program offers a balanced blend of structured activities and free play, designed to stimulate curiosity and learning. Activities range from arts and crafts, creative and dramatic play, board games, and reading time to theme-based activities tailored to foster independence and problem-solving skills.


Arrival and Departure

Children should arrive on time for their scheduled classes. Upon arrival, they should remove their shoes and store them in the shoe cubby located in the lobby. To ensure hygiene, children should wear gripper socks in the club and wash their hands at our handwashing station.

Please inform our staff if someone other than you will be picking up your child and ensure that their names are on the approved list for pickups. Valid photo identification may be required for pickups.

Late Arrival and No-Show Policy
We treasure the harmony and mutual respect in our community. Punctuality and commitment to scheduled classes ensure a stable, distraction-free environment for all little villagers. Repeated late arrivals or no-shows may result in membership reconsideration or the introduction of no-show fees - something we earnestly wish to avoid

Participation and Engagement Policy
The Village Kids’ Club provides a dynamic, classroom-based learning experience. If a child cannot or is unwilling to participate actively in the classroom, we may request a pause in their attendance for that particular class until they're ready to fully engage, ensuring a focused and cooperative learning environment for all


Hand-offs to/from Ruby’s Tumbling

For your convenience, The Village Kids’ Club can arrange to bring your little villager to/from Ruby’s Tumbling for classes. Please let us know in advance and when you bring your child to our class.


Class Cancellation

If a class does not meet a minimum enrollment, we may cancel the class. We will provide a refund of all fees in this case.

Membership Cancellation

If a member wishes to cancel their membership, they may do so my contacting us. There will not be a pro-rated refund.

If The Village Kid's Club cancels a membership due to repeated no-shows, abuse of the membership, behavioral issues or any other reason, we will refund the membership less the drop in rate for any classes attended in the month.


Items From Home

To maintain a focus on the club's activities, we discourage children from bringing toys from home. Please note that mobile phones are not allowed, and we are not responsible for any lost or broken items.


Food and Drink

We believe in the importance of nutritious food for active learning. Therefore, we may provide snacks like fruits and carrot sticks. Water is always available to all students. For day camps, please pack a lunch for your student and an afternoon snack. Please have your child bring a water bottle.


Guidance and Discipline

Our team uses positive methods of discipline to foster growth in self-direction and self-esteem. Clear communication, consistent rules, and reinforcement of acceptable behavior are key elements of our approach. Please inform us of any events that may affect your child's behavior.


Health Policies

We maintain health policies to ensure the safety of all our children. Should your child become ill while at the club, we will inform you immediately for pickup. The club cannot administer medication, and children showing symptoms of communicable diseases will need to be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning.

In instances where a child communicates feeling unwell or expresses a desire to go home, parents will be contacted immediately for pick-up. Our paramount concern is always the welfare and comfort of our children.

COVID Policy

We follow and mirror the Alameda Unified School District COVID Protocols. Additionally, as a courtesy to our community and members, we suggest that you inform us and other members of the VKC community if someone your child lives with is COVID positive. This is so families can manage their risk in the way they feel is most appropriate.


Special Facilities

The Village Kids' Club provides a climbing structure for physical and cognitive development. Parents must understand and accept the inherent risk of such play structures.



We adhere to cleanliness and sanitization protocols. Our facility is cleaned daily, and all classroom furnishings, including toys, are regularly sanitized.


Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

We report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. We will cooperate fully with the authorities in the event of an investigation.



Parents are always welcome to contribute to our community! Let us know if you'd like to volunteer by reading a book, assisting with art lessons, sharing about your culture, and more!

Videos and Photographs

The Village Kids' Club  may take photographs and/or videos of children participating in activities.  These photographs/videos may be used for the purpose of promoting and marketing The Village Kids' Club and may be used on but not limited to; our website, Facebook, Instagram, print advertising, etc. A first name may be mentioned and surnames will be omitted.

Note that the Village Kids' Clubs has video security cameras, and all activity (outside of bathrooms) is recorded.


Refund Policy

The Village Kids' Club is a small business, and we want to work with you. If you need to withdraw from an event or class, please let us know 5 days in advance. Please provide at least 30 days notice to withdraw from the after-school program. Special events and camps are not refundable.

Our payment processor does not refund their fees, please expect that any refund will be less processor fees - currently around 3%.

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