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Our Learning Space

The Village Kids' Club is a distinct space inside of Ruby's Tumbling. We designed the space with input from a pediatric neuroarchitecture trained architect, Carolina Paredes. It was important to us to create a space that was safe, comfortable, usable and is a place where children would feel special. We made it nice for kids, because kids like nice things!


Kids' Lounge

Our lounge area is designed for exciting play, and relaxed reading. Brightly lit with a faux-skylight, kids will find books, a few objects to spark pretend play with others, many bean bag chairs, pillow galore, and a climbing structure.

DSC00108 - 1.heic
DSC00024 - 1.heic


Climbing Structure

Made of reclaimed timbers, no trees were cut down to create this flexible structure. Made of lovingly-sanded cedar wood, one side has a climbing wall, and in the middle of the structure is a net nest. We built the structure to be incredibly strong, and even tied the structure into the foundation of the building.


Flexible Classroom Space

The other side of the space contains an open flexible classroom. A large screen television and Dolby Atmos sound system provides our teachers with great technology to present the curriculum, and when we play music - you can feel it!

All the cabinetry are reclaimed dressers and buffets that were carefully painted with Recolor recycled chalk paints. We were very intentional to recycle and upcycle materials.

Inspired in part by the incredible super trees of Singapore, we built three tree structures to excite our villagers imaginations.

DSC00125 - 1.heic



Of note here, our sliding barn doors are secured by a magnetic lock. Our teachers hold a remote control and can let parents into the reception area.

We ask that only Village Kids' Club staff and our little villagers come past the reception area. This is to ensure safety of the kids.

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