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Aparna Krishnamoorthy

Aparna Krishnamoorthy

Dance Instructor - Odissi Form

Aparna Krishnamoorthy is a dedicated biochemist and passionate artist currently residing in Alameda, California. She holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, where her research focused on using protein and lipid-based biochemical assays to unravel cellular pathways underlying human diseases. With over a decade of experience, Aparna's work is driven by a profound desire to improve human health through impactful scientific contributions.

While Aparna excels in her scientific endeavors, she also nurtures a deep love for the arts. Since 2012, she has been learning Odissi, an ancient Indian classical dance form, under the guidance of the renowned Guru Vishnu Tattva Das in Berkeley, California. For Aparna, creating artwork and practicing dance are meditative processes that help balance her scientific pursuits with creative expression.

Aparna is thrilled to share the graceful art of Odissi with the community around her through her discovery classes at The Village Kids' Club. She invites you to explore and appreciate the beauty and cultural richness of this classical dance form.

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